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New Mobility for the Visually Impaired

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A new way of moving in our cities significantly improving the safety and autonomy for the visually impaired.

Obstacle detection

A sophisticated system of sensors is used to detect, in a timely manner, any obstacles in the path.

Safety in the walk

The disabled person can move with more autonomy and safety.

Voice Interaction

Any obstacles will be communicated through vibration or in the native language for more interaction.


The device in question is intended to provide valuable assistance to people who are blind or visually impaired by providing sensory information about obstacles on their way, both indoors and outdoors. The stick is equipped with electronics that can alert you if you are facing obstacles such as to create a danger of falling as the presence of variations in the level of the floor, either in the fall or rise in that obstacles to right or left in the direction of his journey. The system provides real time information of sensory (vibrating) or kind voice on the nature of the obstacles you may encounter. The stick is equipped with dual front wheel can give you more information on sensory terrain roughness. The whole is powered by batteries that provide a range of about five hours of continuous use.

The system can be customized according to customer needs, being able to set the levels and the response thresholds of sensors, such as the minimum distance of obstacle detection and of changes in the level of the floor. All with an accuracy of about 1cm in both the horizontal and vertical.

The system, made of aluminum alloy, combining lightness and practicality in use to a considerable strength. The system is not intended to replace the stick classic blind or visually impaired but integrate it by providing additional information to the customer. The practice of use can then make the user to opt for the use of the system in alternative to the traditional white cane.


From idea to product.

  • October 2013


    The idea to create a device that can give a valuable aid to the blind!

  • March 2014


    Presentation at the fair in Milan-Novegro, dedicated to robots and makers, the first version of the "Safe Walk".

  • October 2014

    Maker Faire Rome

    Presentation to the MakerFaire in Rome, the second version of the device: "Safe Walk 2.0".

  • May 2015

    Pre-commercial version

    Presentation to the MiniMakerFaire in Trieste of pre-commercial version of the "Safe Walk".

  • February 2016

    Totally tactile version

    Press presentation of "SafeWalk" with signaling of obstacles exclusively by vibration.

  • October 2017

    Finally here we are!!!

    CDelivery of the first "SafeWalk" stick to a blind person.

  • November 2018

    "HAND" is born

    The new product of the SafeWalk series.

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ing. Matteo Marino

I'm born in 1982 and living in Lombardy (Italy). I am a computer engineer, management consultant and computer teacher with a passion for electronics and robotics in general. Inventor and maker by vocation or leisure activities experiment and create new products that can be of real benefit to people.

prof. Paolo Vacca

Born in 1957, lives in Lombardy (Italy). Professor of electrical engineering with an interest in the development of projects that have an impact on improving the quality of life in general, both for the individual and for able-bodied people with disabilities.

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